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Bryan Webster

Aviation Egress Systems was founded in 1998 to provide safety training to all civil private and commercial pilots helicopter or fixed-wing. Over the years our reputation has grown to be the Canadian Egress Training Pioneering company and has been accredited with saving numerous lives.

It all began when Bryan Webster our AES founder was departing from the Vancouver International Airport runway 26 in a Fed X Cessna Caravan on route to Victoria out over the Georgia Strait. As he was waiting for clearance he perused through the latest Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter and determined that there was inadequate safety training for pilots regarding flight over water. Earlier that month his Pratt and Whitney Turbine engine had threatened to quit half way on this same route. Thus his mind flipped back to 1977 when he himself was a passenger in a Cessna 150 that ended up in the Fraser River, the rest is history.

With Bryan's passion for aviation and his great enthusiasm for safety he designed and build all of the equipment and simulators for our Aviation Egress Systems program. We are proud to say Egress Training as you know it is proven to be an effective and affordable training tool for aviation safety, meeting the needs of the private and commercial operators of large fleets of aircraft.

Today Aviation Egress Systems has fixed base training facilities in Victoria BC. As well, we have traveled to 65 locations Canada-wide from Inuvik to Quebec and everywhere in between. To date AES has trained over 8,000 students giving them the tools to work with should the unexpected happen as passenger or crew on board any aircraft.

We are constantly improving our training syllabus and equipment to focus on the best experience to meet our clients needs.











Patti Webster

Patti is our AES Tunnel Simulator expert. She puts our students through the paces in a variety of different scenarios from rescues thru buoyancy and learning to allow your fingers to be your eyes. She embraces our students in an exciting way, including creativity and humour to assist our AES participants to achieve their full potential in understanding of what an inverted incident could look like.

Patti has been an integral part of Aviation Egress Systems since the conception of our company in 1998. She is also the enthusiastic voice you hear on the phone or internet. She is is our AES floater who manages the office, books your Egress Training and who loves to challenge our students. She is a certified scuba diver who has been involved with Bryan in aviation for over 35 years including the running his office for Klondike Air which was our fixed wing charter company at Dawson City Yukon back in the 1980's.


Jeff Webster

Jeff is our resident LifeGuard and first-aide attendant. He has also been around aviation most of his life and grew up in the world of Egress Training. He loves to challenges the bravest students and has great compassion for those who are a bit timid in the SWET Chair. His creative mind is always thinking of new and interesting challenges that our equipment can offer. When he is not in the pool with us you might find him, kite-surfing, swimming in the ocean, scuba diving, running all while organizing a new Urban Fitness routine.



Aviation Egress Systems

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