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Wet Egress Training

Our half-day course starts with a 90-minute Dry Egress review, where you will learn what to expect when ditching, and what you can do to improve the chances of survival for you and your passengers. You will hear stories of people who have actually ditched an aircraft and survived to share their experiences. Dry Egress Training is a prerequisite to our Wet Egress Training.

Then we head to the pool for a 3 hour session where our students take numerous rides on our egress simulators in a controlled and safe environment. Next you climb into a simulator and practise the exit manouvers you learned about earlier. Now come the opportunity to try donning & doffing your life vest in the water as well climbing into an actual safety raft. Ever wondered what it would be like? Now is your chance to find out before your life depends on it...

Our instructors have experience dealing with all levels of water abilities, including previous tramatic or near-drowning situations. AES trains for success. We begin training with an equipment orientation, to life vests, life rafts and then graduated levels of obstacles and situations from buoyancy to disorientation.

We finish off with a 30 minutes debriefing with snacks and our instructors are available to answer any questions and review what you have learned.

Upon successful completion, you will recieve one of our unique AES certificates.

With the knowledge you recieve at our AES Egress Training Session the chances that you will survive a ditching are vastly improved...Please view our "Real Life Egress" stories.

The life you save could be your own.

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