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Dry Egress Training Online

Our Dry Egress Training is a comprehensive computer-based course to teach pilots and passengers the basics of egressing an aircraft.

This program can be completed anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your own home, office or on the run. It will take approximately 3 hours to finish, and our students have a 14-day window to complete the material after registering.

Dry Egress Training Registration

Dry Egress Training consists of 12 modules for pilots and 9 modules for passengers. In the AES DRY-Egress program, our students view training videos by "Bry the Dunker Guy." At the end of each segment, there is a short quiz to be completed before moving on to the next module. 

Our Dry Egress training will give students a comprehensive understanding of what to expect before attending the in-pool portion of the program. Successful completion of the Dry Egress Training is a prerequisite for Wet Egress Training, or the course can be taken on its own if you cannot attend a pool session in person. Registering for our Dry Egress Training is just $75.95 plus tax.

Students in pool learning egress training

Wet Egress Training In-Person

We begin our half-day session with an introduction and review of the material covered in the DRY egress course and discuss the aircraft relevant to our students of the day. 

Next, we introduce students to disorientation and exiting, as well as PFDs, life-raft skills, buoyancy, rescue exercises, plus a variety of underwater scenarios. Then we enter the pool for hands-on practical training with our award-winning instructor, Bry the Dunker Guy, who teaches the skill of exiting an aircraft. Concluding our day with a Q&A session and debrief.  

Our instructors have experience dealing with all levels of water abilities, including previous traumatic or near-drowning situations. With the knowledge you receive at our AES Egress Training Session, the chances that you will survive a ditching are vastly improved. AES trains for success.

We run our WET egress courses across Canada throughout the year. Our training for private pilots is also approved by Transport Canada to satisfy the Canadian Aviation Regulations CARs 401.05(2)(a) Recency Requirement for recurrency training. 

Contact us to find a location near you. The life you save could be your own.

Our Simulators

We start your training with you belted into the SWET chair, being flipped over and then practicing opening doors and knocking out windows to exit the aircraft. This simulator is ideal for both pilots and passengers alike, as disorientation is a fact in a ditching scenario. Our instructors will take each student to the edge of their comfort level of disorientation. 

Our SWET chair is a fully portable, free-floating dunker chair (SWET stands for Shallow Water Egress Trainer). We also have a larger simulator patterned after a Cessna 206/Bell 206, which is an excellent generic aircraft representation. It features multiple doors and windows and allows you to practice moving down a corridor before exiting. 

In a real-life situation, up is down and down is up. That may sound simple when you're on the ground, but it's always a tricky concept to grasp when you're underwater. The simplest task can become more complicated if you add water.

Under the careful eye of our instructors, we offer a range of simulated training scenarios for students to practice, including different exits, rescues, buoyancy, and much more. 

Students in pool learning egress training
Students in pool learning egress training
Bryan and Patti with RV and egress training equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your courses for?

Our courses are for pilots and passengers of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. We can tailor our course to the participant's needs.

What should I wear to wet egress training?

For realism, we suggest wearing whatever you might normally wear when flying in an aircraft, including pool-friendly footwear.

How long is the in-person training session?

We start off with a 90-minute meet and greet with further instructions and what to expect. We then spend 3 hours in the pool area and follow that up with a 30 minute debrief.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

We tailor your experience to your comfort and abilities. We are able to humble the boldest students and build confidence over time with people who are very uncomfortable in the water.

How often are courses offered?

We travel across Canada every year, offering our courses to communities based on interest and enrollment. So there is likely a course coming to a community near you soon. Just contact us to find out when we plan to be in your area.

Aviation Egress Systems Offers Training Canada-Wide

Transport Canada has mandated that all Commercial Seaplane Operators receive egress training before March 6, 2023. Our classes are running throughout the year across Canada. Contact us today to find the location nearest you.